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About Us

Animal Health Laboratories Ltd. is the developer and manufacturer of the DR.MAGGIE™ brand health care products for pets. Our core expertise is biochemistry.  Our products are the result of intensive scientific research, and a precise understanding of nutrients and how they contribute to the health of companion animals.

We are a Canadian corporation, registered in Ontario. Our head office is located in Mississauga.


Improve and extend quality of life for companion animals; and as a by-product, contribute to the happiness and well-being of their human guardians; by developing, manufacturing and marketing effective, safe, affordable remedies for common health problems.

logo_animal_care-1The Animal Care logo tells you that a portion of every dollar you spend on our products is donated to reputable organizations dedicated to the welfare of companion animals. If you work with a shelter or rescue organization please see our Donor Policy, we would like to help!


For decades, the personnel at Animal Health Labs conducted research into health and nutrition of companion animals. Over time we continue to witness increases in the rates of skin disease, allergies, and chronic progressive joint disease. We have seen first hand the devastating effects of these health problems on animals, and the people who care for them. And through our research, we have identified specific nutritional solutions that have been proven extremely effective in the prevention and treatment of many common conditions.

img_mission_catIn 1999, we began to develop, manufacture and market the DR.MAGGIE™ solutions. These products are not drugs. They are safe, natural, nutritional or topical remedies that can prevent as well as treat many of the most common health problems afflicting millions of pets today.

If you have the privilege of sharing your life with a cat, dog, small mammal, or a bird, we urge you to explore this site further. You may find information that can add years of health and enjoyment to your life together.

Research and Development

img_gold_sealAt Animal Health we continue to perform research and product development. The gold seal is your assurance that testing and approval have been completed in conjunction with a licensed animal shelter. As a matter of policy, no animals are harmed in the development or testing of any DR. MAGGIE™ product. All active ingredients are determined to be safe before clinical trials are undertaken.


In addition to R&D, we have also been manufacturing in-house since 1999. Our raw materials are purchased through Canadian sources, and we do our own packaging. These factors result in important cost benefits and savings that we pass on to our customers. Compare and save! You can’t find products of this quality and efficacy for less.