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In addition to more effective utilization of fatty acids in DR.MAGGIE™ are also important in liver, brain and nervous system function, digestion and regulating fat metabolism. DR.MAGGIE™is rich in the chief phospholipid found in bile and is important in keeping the bile in solution, preventing its precipitating out in the form of gallstones. It is also found naturally in the myelin sheath, a protective conductive covering of the nerves. It is high in phosphorus and unites with iron, iodine and calcium to give power and vigor to the brain. Phosphatides are essential in the regeneration of new tissue, including skin and coat.

Phosphatidyl choline is crucial in the maintenance of membrane fluidity, a key to normal healthy working of cells. It has been found beneficial in a number of neurological conditions and in the repair of cell membranes, particularly in the liver.

In numerous human and animal studies the phosphatides used in Dr. Maggie have been found useful in the following conditions: memory improvement, relief of manic symptoms, and reversal of liver damage.

Lecithin Protects Against Gallstones

Studies suggest that lecithin – a natural substance used as a thickener in ice cream, mayonnaise, and other foods – may help prevent gallstones by keeping cholesterol from solidifying in the gallbladder. Lecithin is found in a number of foods, including soybeans, and is one of the key nutrients in the Dr. Maggie Supplement for Skin and Coat.

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