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Skin Care Ointment

A soothing, healing ointment for external use which provides:

Immediate, temporary relief from itching and soreness due to Hot Spots, Eczema, Rashes, Minor Abrasions, Insect Bites, Other surface irritations.

Apply sparingly every 3 to 4 hours or as needed. Safe for long term use.


  • Anti-itch – Stops itching on contact and provides relief for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Anti-bacterial, antiseptic – Helps prevent infection, and will not sting even very irritated skin.
  • Speeds healing – Up to 3 times faster than untreated areas.


Safe if ingested, however, the bitter taste discourages licking for better results.

Fast Acting

Begins working on contact.


The DR.MAGGIE™ Skin Care Ointment provides fast relief for active skin problems, however, for recurring or persistent hot spots, rashes or other chronic ailments, try the DR.MAGGIE™ Supplement for Skin & Coat. Many recurring skin problems are at least partially due to nutritional deficiencies.


The DR. MAGGIE™ Skin Care Ointment is a unique formula containing natural anti-itch, antiseptic, healing agents. All ingredients are safe for dogs, cats, other small mammals, birds, and humans. It is intended for external use however, all ingredients are safe if licked or ingested.


Powerful anti-itch properties.

  • We use a custom infusion in grape seed oil.

Neem oil

Antimicrobial, infection fighting. Anti-itch, soothing and healing.


Soothes, moisturizes and provides a barrier to help prevent infection.


Non-medicinal, safe.

  • Used to achieve a stable consistency for smooth, easy application.

Grape seed oil

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Grapes are known to be toxic to dogs however the toxins are in the skin and flesh. Grape seed oil is not only non-toxic but rich in healthy nutrients.


Speeds healing many times faster than untreated areas.

  • This healing agent is found in some herbs such as comfrey.

In the DR. MAGGIE™ formula allantoin is isolated and concentrated for exceptional results.


There are no flavors, dyes, or preservatives added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ointment sting?

No. It is soothing even to very irritated skin.

I have heard that grapes and raisins are bad for dogs and cats. Is there a problem with the grape seed oil in the DR. MAGGIE™ Ointment?

No. Grape seed oil is not only non-toxic but rich in healthy nutrients. Grapes are known to be toxic to dogs however the toxins are in the skin and flesh, not in the oil.

Can I use it on sensitive areas, such as the face, and genital area?

Yes. It is safe for all sensitive areas. Be careful not to get it directly in the eye.

Is it ok to use it on stitches?

Yes. It will help alleviate the itching that often accompanies surgical stitches. The taste will also discourage licking and chewing.

Will it stain clothing or furniture?

The DR. MAGGIE™ Skin Care Ointment is virtually colourless, however, it can leave a grease mark if rubbed on clothing or upholstery. This is not usually a problem when is applied on the skin, under the fur. Try to avoid getting the product on top of the fur. Also, the product should be applied sparingly. Very little is needed to achieve excellent results

I have heard of neem oil being used as an insect repellent. Will the DR. MAGGIE™ Skin Care Ointment repel insects?

It is commonly used as an insect repellent in much stronger concentrations than in the DR. MAGGIE™ Ointment. In our application, we use a safe, therapeutic level which is beneficial to healing and soothing skin. Some users have reported that when it was used to treat insect bites, no additional bites occurred. It may have some repellent effect.

I have been using Polysporin or Hydrocortisone cream for my dog’s hot spots. How is the Dr. Maggie™ Ointment different?

Polysporin and Hydrocortisone products contain chemicals which should not be ingested. These products usually contain no taste deterrent to discourage licking. DR. MAGGIE™ is not only safe if ingested in small amounts but tends to work better because the bitter taste means it stays on longer for better absorption. In clinical observations the DR. MAGGIE™ Ointment in most cases produced an immediate cessation in itching which lasted for 3 – 4 hours. It also appeared to result in faster healing than other applications. In addition it is usually less expensive.

My pet currently has skin lesions. Should I use the Dr. Maggie Ointment or the Supplement for Skin & Coat?

You should use both! When used together they promote even faster healing – from the outside in and the inside out. If the skin problem is chronic, regular, daily use of the supplement will help prevent recurrence. The Ointment should be kept on hand for first aid.