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Supplement for Skin & Coat

A uniquely effective formula proven to:

  • Reduce excessive shedding by 70 to 90%
  • Treat/prevent itching, and dry or flaky skin
  • Treat allergies, hot spots and inflammatory skin diseaseg. eczema and dermatitis
  • Support nervous system function
  • Aid digestion and fat metabolism
  • Protect against gallstones and liver damage
  • Accelerate healing
  • Help prevent brain and liver deterioration associated with aging
  • Build a healthier, fuller, more lustrous coat
  • Support the immune system to promote overall good health

DR.MAGGIE™ Supplement for Skin & Coat is a highly palatable oil that can be given with food or on its own. It is safe and effective for all animals with fur, hair or feathers, at any life stage.



  • Skin problems are the number one health concern reported in dogs
  • Hotspots and rashes are increasingly common in cats and dogs
  • Most breeds exhibit year-round problem-shedding

The common factor in all these problems is diet

In otherwise healthy pets, poor skin or coat is often a “red flag” that signals a nutritional deficiency. Most dogs and cats don’t’ get enough of the nutrients that support healthy skin and coat, and a robust immune system, namely Omega Fatty Acids and antioxidant Vitamins A & E. These are fragile nutrients that break down with the heat and oxidization that occur in commercial food processing and storage. Even premium canned food or kibble is unlikely to provide the optimum amount and potency of these nutrients.


If your pet suffers from dry, itchy skin, flaking, dull coat, allergies, hot spots, compulsive licking, paw chewing, or year-round problem shedding – try DR.MAGGIE™ Skin & Coat today!




DR.MAGGIE™ Supplement for Skin & Coat contains some of the most powerful nutrients available to help improve and protect your pet’s health:


  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Plus Omega 9
  • Highly concentrated (twice the EFA’s in canola or hemp oil)
  • A ratio of EFA’s recognized as “ideal” by scientists and intuitionalists
  • Necessary for healthy skin, coat, and claws
  • Support immune system and cardiovascular health
  • Help prevent allergies, rashes, and inflammatory skin disease
  • Speed healing and make skin a better barriers to irritants

Vitamin D

  • Aids calcium absorption from food
  • Factor in preventing arthritis and bone disease
  • Anti-inflammatory

CHICKEN TYPE FLAVOUR from vegetable sources

Soybean Oil, Lecithin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, vegan roast chicken type flavour.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Any animal products, protein, cholesterol, trans fats, or artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.

Antioxidant Vitamins A & E

  • Proven to boost the immune system
  • Protect against cancer
  • Support vision
  • Speed healing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Help prevent deterioration of brain function associated with aging



Adult Dog Dose/Day Best Size to Buy Bottle will last
Up to 20lbs 1tsp 375ml 75 Days
30 1.5tsp 375ml 50 Days
40 2tsp 1L 100 Days
50 2.5tsp 1L 80 Days
60 3tsp 1L 67 Days
70 3.5tsp 1L 57 Days
80 4 tsp 1L 50 Days
90 4.5tsp 1L 44 Days
100 5tsp 1L/4L 40 Days/160 Days
1tsp 375ml 75 Days
1/2tsp 375ml 150 Days
1/8tsp 375ml 604 Days
Small Bird
3 – 4 Drops 375ml 1000 Days
*for puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing animals double the dose.

Only the highest quality human and pharmaceutical grade ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size should I buy?

DR.MAGGIESkin & Coat comes in 3 sizes:

To ensure freshness and potency, the product is sealed against air and contaminants at the factory. Once the seal is broken, the product remains in tact at room temperature for approximately 4 months. Refrigerated, it is fully effective up to 6 months. To decide which size is most appropriate and economical, we recommend:




There are very large economies of scale associated with the larger sizes, if you need them. Some retailers may not routinely stock the larger sizes, so if you don’t see the size you want, ask for it. They can order it for you. The savings are substantial – well worth the trouble!

Isn’t shedding natural?

It is natural for most pets to change their coat twice yearly. Noticeable shedding in the spring and fall for a couple of weeks is normal. However, year round excessive shedding is usually an indication of a nutritional deficiency. (Excessive: if fur comes off when you pet them, if you are vacuuming several times a week, if pet hair is consistently visible on your clothing, in your car, around your home.)

Does the product spoil?

It is extremely stable over long periods of time; it can never go rancid and can never harm your pet. However, potency begins to diminish after approximately 4 months of opening. Keep it away from heat sources including sunlight, as heat will destroy fragile nutrients.

How long can I keep my pet on DR.MAGGIE™Skin & Coat?

Good for life!

Is DR.MAGGIE™safe for pregnant and lactating females? For puppies and kittens?

Yes! It is not only safe but recommended. This is a particularly good time to supplement them because puppies/kittens and nursing mothers all have greater requirement for these nutrients. It can be given to puppies and kittens as soon as they are weaned.

How does it compare to other supplements e.g. coconut oil, aloe, and olive oil?

None of these compounds nor, other supplements match Dr. Maggie’s unique formula. It is based on extensive scientific research and has been rigorously tested and proven to provide the most effective remediation of skin and coat conditions and contribute more to overall health.

My pet has a sensitive stomach, should I give this supplement?

Due to the incorporation of fat metabolizing enzymes (Phosphatidyl choline and inositol) it is easier to digest than other oils, especially for animals with sensitive stomachs. It is especially easy to absorb when given with food. However, if diarrhea or vomiting occur reduce the dose. If problems persist consult your vet.

My pet is on thyroid medication. Can she take DR.MAGGIE™?

Yes. Our all natural ingredients will not interact with medications. Skin and coat problems often occur with thyroid dysfunction, and the supplement will restore moisture and resiliency to skin and eliminate itching. It will also reverse dry coat and reduce shedding, which is often exacerbated by thyroid conditions.

Will DR.MAGGIE™ contribute to weight gain?

No. DR.MAGGIE™ is formulated with lecithin, which aids in fat metabolization, and so it will not promote weight gain. We included lecithin primarily because pets need it to properly metabolize EFA’s, and oil based vitamins, making our formula more effective than other supplements. However, it also will aid in burning the other fats in your pet’s diet. So not only will it not promote weight gain, it may help with weight loss in obese pets (not pets of normal weight).

DR.MAGGIE™ delivers the maximum nutritional benefits for the least amount of calories – and cost.

Are there any precautions?

Because these are nutrients that are natural to your pet’s body the supplement is extremely safe even when taken with other supplements, medications, and special diets. However,

  • It is not recommended for animals with pancreatitis.
  • It should not be given to animals on blood thinners, or for one month prior to planned surgery.
What are the terms of the money back guarantee?

There is no risk in trying DR.MAGGIE™ products. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the unused portion, along with your proof of purchase for a full refund.

I am feeding my pet a quality food. Should I still give DR.MAGGIE™?

Yes. Omega Fatty Acids and antioxidant Vitamins A & E. These are fragile nutrients that break down with the heat and oxidization that occur in commercial food processing and storage. Even premium canned food or kibble is unlikely to provide the optimum amount and potency of these nutrients.

Can I overdose my pet?

The ingredients are natural to your pet and are not toxic even if the recommended dose is greatly exceeded by accident. Overdosing may result in diarrhea, which is only temporary. It is safe even when taken with other supplements and special diets.

How long will it take before I see results?

Depending on the condition, results can take 1 to 6 weeks.

Most itching and skin problems improve dramatically within 1 – 2 weeks. If itching persists or worsens stop using the product, and consult your vet.

Shedding can take 4 – 6 weeks.

Do they like the taste?

Most dogs and cats love DR.MAGGIE’s roast chicken flavour and will eat it directly from a spoon or saucer. It can also be mixed with wet or dry food. However some animals may need to get used to a new taste. For fussy pets try introducing it gradually, working up to a full dose. It may also help to introduce it with a new food/treat so as to not change a flavour they are already used to.

How is DR.MAGGIE™Skin & Coat different than Fish Oils?

Dr. Maggie is a complete and balanced formula containing all of the nutrients dogs, cats and other animals need for healthy skin, coat and immune system. The key ingredient in fish oils is Omega 3, which may provide some benefit but is not recommended therapeutically for the wide range of conditions addressed by our formula. Dr. Maggie Skin & Coat consistently tests higher for palatability and does not cause bad breath. Due to the incorporation of fat metabolizing enzymes it is easier to digest especially for animals with sensitive stomachs. These enzymes provide additional brain, liver, and nervous system support not found in fish oils. Our supplement is extremely stable, unlike fish oils, which tend to degrade easily. Dr. Maggie retains its benefits much longer without refrigeration and can never go rancid or harm your pet.

Can DR.MAGGIE™Skin & Coat do anything for my dog’s arthritis?

The nutrients in DR.MAGGIE™ have a natural anti-inflammatory effect which is compatible with the treatment of arthritis. In addition over time it may play a roll in preventing arthritis. However, for animals that have symptomatic arthritis a more effective treatment is the DR.MAGGIE™Extra Strength Joint Formula. This formula has been proven extremely effective in rehabilitating damaged joints and reversing the symptoms of arthritis. It is recommended to be given in conjunction with the Supplement for Skin & Coat.

My vet is recommending steroids for my dog's severe itching and inflamed skin. Can DR.MAGGIE™Skin & Coat help?

Before you resort to steroids we strongly recommend that you try DR.MAGGIE™Skin & Coat. With prolonged use, steroids have serious side affects. They are sometimes prescribed as a last resort when other diets and skin treatments fail. However, over many years we have witnessed hundreds of cases where even severe, chronic skin irritations improved dramatically with our supplement without steroids. Many of our clients who were using steroids were able to reduce or eliminate the drugs once treatment with Dr. Maggie began. If their condition does require the use of steroids, Dr. Maggie can be used with the drugs. Of course if skin problems persist your vet should be consulted.

Does DR.MAGGIE™ prevent hairballs in cats?

Yes. Once your cat has been taking it for a few weeks she will be ingesting less hair because of reduced shedding. In addition, the oils act as a lubricant to ease the elimination of hair. You do not need to give your cat any other hairball medication.

I have heard that soy, the main ingredient in DR.MAGGIE™ Skin & Coat, is bad for dogs and cats. Is this true?

Soy meal, which is sometimes used as a protein source in pet foods should be avoided. It can cause digestive upset in some dogs, and is not an acceptable protein source for cats. However, the pure soy oil we use has no soy protein. It is an excellent source of source of the EFA’s which are crucial to your pet’s health and appearance. Click here for more information about the amazing benefits of soy oil.

If DR.MAGGIE™ is a better product, why is it so much less expensive than so many other supplements?

DR.MAGGIE™Skin & Coat uses only the highest quality human and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Yet because it is manufactured in Canada, with raw materials largely from Canadian sources, there is a substantial cost advantage over competitive products manufactured in the US, due to the lower Canadian dollar. Animal Health Laboratories Ltd., the makers of DR.MAGGIE™Skin & Coat, are responsible for all aspects of research, product development, manufacturing and packaging, to avoid unnecessary mark-up costs. Animal Health has a policy of “value pricing” rather than charging “what the market will bear”. This policy means that these savings are passed on to our customers.

Our Customers say…

Another Dr. Maggie success story! My friend Stephanie got Amelia from a rescue group and her coat was very dry. She looked like a little old lady dog. I gave her a bottle of Dr. Maggie (I bought at The Dog Market) and look at her now!

X Eleanore

I just want to thank you for your products. My dog Wolfy, who is now 5 years old, was having a major problem with itchy skin. He would go crazy with biting himself. “…” [I] put him on yourSupplement for Skin & Coat for a trial period. It is amazing, within one week he was not itchy or biting himself. He is on it for the rest of his life. He also loves it. I give it to him after feeding like a dessert and he cleans his bowl up so there is not a drop left.

I also use your Paw Protector and have for the last 2 years in the winter.

Thank you so very much for your excellent products!

Janet Sullivan re: Wolfy

I have just been informed about your product and I am truly amazed how it has worked on my 2 pugs. The second day on the product in their food is a miracle, I feel it on their fur and I can actually pet them without a handful of hair. Thank you so much for making an amazing product for my dogs.

Marlene McKay

My black Labrador retriever (Arthur) has been taking Dr. Maggie Skin & Coat formula for only 2 weeks and I can’t believe the difference in his coat. Not only is he shiny, shiny, shiny but his chin acne which has been an ongoing problem all summer is 50% better. I also noticed that where he has produced excess eye mucus his whole life, his eyes are now much clearer and normal.


Darcine Dagley

He’s on the Supplement for Skin & Coat … and the shedding is gone, yes gone. He loves the stuff and it made my life easier. I don’t have to vacuum every day, it’s now once per week

Thank you for the wonderful products!

Dinah B Leonard re: 11-month-old Chocolate Lab Sabre with constant, excessive shedding

“It’s a miracle product!” Carol Ann Russ re 14 year old Pekinese with wounds that wouldn’t heal

“C’est fantastique! I wouldn’t want my dog to be without it.” Marc Andre Barsalou, re dog with allergies

“It’s been an amazing god-send.” Gloria Lambert, re dog with allergies

More help for skin problems…

For immediate temporary relief of active hot spots or rashes, and to speed healing, also try the DR. MAGGIE™ Skin Care Ointment.