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Common Concerns and Misconceptions about Soy

Dr. Maggie Supplement for Skin and Coat chooses to use soy oil for it’s extraordinary health benefits. Those who use it are converted to this superior blend. Combined with Antioxidant Vitamins A & E and phosphatides that assist in the break down and absorption of the Omegas there is no doubt that, for skin and coat plus immune system, nothing works better than Dr. Maggie.

Following are some of the most common reasons people cite for not wanting to feed a soy product to dogs and cats. Some of them are simply untrue. And most of them have no bearing on the Dr. Maggie Supplement for Skin and Coat, which uses the purest grade of soy oil, with no protein or carbohydrates, or saturated fats.

  1. Soy is bad in food:
    • Soy has never been an appropriate source of protein in cat food. Cats are true carnivores and need animal protein.
    • When soy was used as a source of protein in dog food, although it was essentially healthy, the processing methods often made it hard to digest, causing bloating and flatulence. As a result soy has now become unpopular as a source of protein in pet food and treats.

The Dr. Maggie Supplement for Skin and Coat uses only the purest soy oil and contains no protein of any kind.

  1. Soy is an allergen
    • Soy allergies are less common than many other food allergies such as chicken, beef, fish, and nuts, including coconuts. Food allergies are most commonly triggered by protein in foods.

There is no protein in the Dr. Maggie Supplement for Skin and Coat. An allergic reaction is not impossible, but very unlikely, and probably less likely than an adverse reaction to fish or coconut oils.

  1. Estrogen in soy causes breast cancer.
    • Phytoestrogens in soy are not the same as the hormone estrogen. Estrogens which attach to certain cells (including some cancers) and cause them to grow are only found in animals. In many human studies scientists have found that diets high in soy decrease breast cancer risk. Long term human studies of soy have shown a protective effect against many cancers, and fewer cancer recurrences.
  2. Soy is high in carbohydrates or sugars.
    • Soy is a legume, like lentils or other beans. Like all legumes it contains carbohydrates, but they are complex carbs with a healthy low glycemic index.

This is not an issue with the Dr. Maggie Supplement for Skin and Coat as our product has no carbohydrates. We use only pure soy oil.

  1. Most Soy is GMO, and the health effects of GMO are unknown.
    • GMO soy has been widely consumed in North America in animal feed and human diets since the 1990’s. At the time it was introduced, the long term health effects were unknown. However there have now been long term broad based studies resulting in GMO soy being pronounced safe by government regulators and respected scientific organizations including the British Royal Society, the US National Academy of Sciences, and the World Health Organization.
  2. Fish Oils are better than soy or other plant based oils.
    • Fish oils are popular for their benefits in human diets. Some fish are high in DHA and EPA Omega 3 Fatty Acids. They are thought to be preferable to plant sources because most human diets provide excessive amounts of Omega 6, which if not balanced with an appropriate amount of Omega 3, is thought to contribute to harmful forms of systemic, chronic inflammation, which has been linked to a wide variety of human diseases. For these reasons, Omega 3 supplementation from fish is probably better for most humans than supplementation with Omega 3, 6 and 9.
    • However cats and dogs have different diets which typically do not contain breads and cereals which can be sources of Omega 6. They do not typically suffer from inflammation in the same way that humans do, mainly because they do not consume sugar.
    • ALA Omega 3 in soy has been shown to have a strong protective effect against diabetes.
    • Soy oil is much more stable than fish oils. It does not break down as easily with heat or oxidization. The Omegas retain their benefits much longer without refrigeration or being in capsules.
    • No threat of heavy metal contamination with soy.
    • For dogs and cats, and many other nonhuman animals, the balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 in the Dr. Maggie Supplement for Skin and Coat, along with all of the other essential nutrients in this product, is much more effective for skin, coat and overall health than fish or other oils.