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What People Say

Kirby & Leslie

Kirby at beach

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for having a booth at Woofstock 2016. The rep at the Dr. Maggie booth was quick to offer me the Supplement for Skin and Coat after feeling Kirby’s dry hair and seeing how much he was shedding. After only 2 days, his coat is getting shinier and smoother to the touch…and he’s not scratching as much! So glad the rep caught my attention to help Kirby because he would have suffered all summer long.”

– Leslie



Ti & Bernadette

Ti I wanted to say thank you, you have a great product.  I have been giving my Bengal cat (Ti) the skin and coat oil for 4 years now. He loves it and everyone comments on how soft and healthy he is.  Keep up the good work! 🙂

– Bernadette



Amelia & Stephanie

ameliaAnother Dr. Maggie success story! My friend Stephanie got Amelia from a rescue group and her coat was very dry. She looked like a little old lady dog. I gave her a bottle of Dr. Maggie (I bought at The Dog Market) and look at her now!!

X Eleanore

Darcine & Arthur

Arthur“My black Labrador retriever (Arthur) has been taking Dr. Maggie Skin & Coat formula for only 2 weeks and I can’t believe the difference in his coat. Not only is he shiny, shiny, shiny but his chin acne which has been an ongoing problem all summer is 50% better. I also noticed that where he has produced excess eye mucus his whole life, his eyes are now much clearer and normal. ”

– Darcine Dagley .

Harley & Krista

harley_02“Harley is a lab/boxer mix who was healthy as could be till he hit about 11 months old. (He’s two years old now.) “…” He started with allergies (big skin issues) he was scratching non-stop and was losing the fur where he had been scratching. I had skin scrapes, skin, biopsy’s done on him and they couldn’t figure out what was causing this. I had him on antibiotics “…”, changed his food “…”, gave him Benadryl which eased the itch a tiny bit, tried him on fish pills, kelp pills, even sulfur and nothing was working. “…” He looked and felt terrible. I took Harley to Woofstock this year and came across the Dr. Maggie booth, “…” [They] told me all about the Dr. Maggie Supplement Skin & Coatand also rubbed some of the Skin Care Ointment on him which gave him instant relief. harley_01I purchased both items, and started Harley on them the same day; this was May 25th, 2014. It hasn’t even been 20 days and his bare sides, his ears and his poor neck (the worst spot) are all starting to grow hair again. I’m so happy and excited to see such a big change in such a little time, and look forward to seeing more progress in him. I have two dogs and three cats all of which I give Dr. Maggie to every day and I’m also noticing a difference in the amount of shedding from my cats. I can’t say enough about this amazing product, but my 5 fur babies will continue on this full time now. This is so reasonably priced compared to all the money I’ve spent on vet bills and it WORKS! :)”

– Krista Hoch, Harley & the gang.

Canadian Dachshund Rescue

dachshundsMy name is Michelle Carvalho and I am the Director of Events & Fundraising with the Canadian Dachshund Rescue (Ontario). I just want to start by saying that your products are amazing – I am a huge fan! They have worked small miracles on some of my foster dogs over the years who were in very rough shape when they first came into rescue. I cannot say enough about Dr. Maggies™ and recommend it to everyone I know.

dachsund_after_textIt has also done an amazing job on the 4 puppies our rescue currently has in care. As you know, Izzy, Pearl, Aimee and Josephine were hairless when they first came into care and after using your products each of them has developed a shiny new coat to help keep them warm. We are so thrilled at how well they are doing and cannot wait for them to find their forever homes! You can help support Dachshunds like Aimee, Isabelle, Josephine & Pearl by clicking here to donate now!

Photo courtesy of Canadian Dachshund Rescue (Ontario)

Canadian Dachshund Rescue Update

cdr_pearl“Here is a picture of Pearl. You can see how her coat has come in & her skin looks good too. A marvelous improvement. Once again, thank you so much for your help. They’ve made such a wonderful recovery because of your product!” – Susan Steele

cdr_isabelleIsabelle stopped by ourDr. Maggie™ booth at Woofstock, with her foster Mom Sarah, to thank us in person.
The Dr. Maggie™ Supplement for Skin & Coat has worked wonders and Isabelle is now ready to find a forever home.

Dinah & Sabre

dinah_sabre_smIt saved him. After being on the Extra Strength Joint Formula Sabre is now able to run and play for 1/2 hour compare to 10 minutes, his front paws are much better… he’s doing so much better.

He’s on the Supplement for Skin & Coat … andthe shedding is gone, yes gone. He loves the stuff and it made my life easier. I don’t have to vacuum every day, it’s now once per week

Thank you for the wonderful products!

sabre_sm B Leonard re: 11-month-old Chocolate Lab Sabre with “growing pains” and constant shedding. The ES Joint formula is highly recommended for large breed puppies to help ensure the formation of healthy joints.

Saber Update – For a few months Sabre has not limped at all, I’m down to 2 pills per day for him, he’s doing great, and his coat is super shinny. Thank you for the great products. – Dinah B Leonard

Lisa & Arty

artyMy dog Arty started suffering from hot spots about 5 years ago. I tried elimination diets (allergies), I tried so many different oils, supplements, and treats with no luck at all. My vet and I really didn’t want to have to give him steroids or allergy meds, but I was feeling like I had to since nothing seemed to help…

I recently started going to a new pet store and one of the staff members recommended Dr. Maggie™ Skin and Coat formula for his hot spots, but also explained how the formula worked. So I decided to give it a shot…..

Here we are 4.5 weeks later and NOT ONE SINGLE HOT SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t thank you enough, you have taken a load off my shoulders and have helped Arty feel so much better. Not only has it stopped the hot spots, but his coat is like a puppies coat again, he never dreads anymore, when I brush him hardly anything comes out. He is a border collie cross (flat coat) so you can only imagine the coat he has.

Thank you again, I really can’t tell you how much relief you have given us – and Arty now begs for Dr. Maggies™ on his food – I brought home a new bottle yesterday and he started licking the outside – not only does he love the taste but I think he even knows we finally found the magic cure.

Lisa & Arty

John & Shasta

shastaI started my one year old black British Lab on Dr. Maggie’s™ Skin and Coat just one week ago. The shedding was unbearable and even I, the dog lover of the family, was upset by how much hair there was all over the house. I doubled the daily dose, as recommended on the label for the first week, and the difference is just incredible. Before starting the Skin and Coat we were vacuuming the stairwell, the place we noticed the hair collecting the most, every single day, sometimes twice. It was my wife who noticed yesterday that there was only a few hairs on the stairs and asked me if I’d just vacuumed. That’s when I realized that I hadn’t had to vacuum in three days! The transformation has been that dramatic that quick! Shasta loves the taste and licks her bowl clean, sending it across the floor, every morning. Her coat is beginning to look glossy, something it hasn’t been for months and something we’d like to see in her fur.

I am so impressed with this product that I will be recommending it to all our friends with pets. My wife is so impressed that she’s insisted we start our two Siamese cats on it too. We can’t wait to see how this product improves their coats.

John Wood
Peterborough, ON

Buffy & Gloria

“It has been an amazing god-send. Buffy’s itching has stopped, his rashes cleared up, and even his groomer says his skin has never looked better. His coat is glossier and more beautiful too.”

test_pic_buffy1Buffy: 13 year old male Westie

Symptoms: Severe itching and generalized rashes

Diagnosis: At age 11 Buffy’s vet diagnosed inflammatory skin disease due to allergies.

Prescribed Treatments: Buffy’s vet recommended a variety of treatments, including: EFA capsules, Vitamins A & E, and as a last resort, steroids.

Results: Gloria Lambert, Buffy’s “Mom” reported none of these treatments worked.
Finally, on the recommendation of a friend she tried Dr. Maggie™ Skin Supplement. Gloria says: “. Buffy’s itching has stopped, his rashes cleared up, and even his groomer says his skin has never looked better. His coat is glossier and more beautiful too.”

Follow-up: Buffy has been taking Dr. Maggie for over a year at his last report with no recurrence of allergic symptoms.
8 months ago Buffy also started taking Dr. Maggie™ ES Joint Formula after Gloria noticed stiffness in his back leg. Even through the cold and dampness of an abnormally severe winter, Buffy is more active than he has been in years. Gloria is delighted with the improvement.

Miles & Abbey

“The difference in his movement and his happiness is incredible. He has a new lease on life … that’s what we’re so happy about” – Abbey Trowell

test_pic_miles1Miles: 11 year old Weimaraner

Symptoms: Stiffness in back legs. Trouble getting up from lying down. Could no longer get into Abbey’s truck on his own. Miles trainer noticed loss of muscle tone due to restricted movement.

Treatment: On the recommendation of Miles trainer (Tamara Zarener at Fit Dogs) Abbey Trowell, Miles “Mom” started him on an initial full dose of Dr. Maggie™ ES Joint Formula for 4 weeks, followed by a test_pic_miles2maintenance, or half dose, ongoing. After approximately 3 months, Abbey reports “The difference in his movement and his happiness is incredible. He has a new lease on life…that’s what we’re so happy about.”

Follow-up: At last report Miles has been takingDr. Maggie™ ES Joint Formula for a year, with continued excellent results.

Saphira & Darlene

“Saphira’s shedding has been reduced by about 80%. She hasn’t had a hairball since she has been taking the supplement.” – Darlene Spencer

test_pic_sapphira1Saphira: 10 year old female cat, Siamese cross

Symptoms: Excessive, constant shedding, hairballs.

Treatment: Dr. Maggie™ Skin Supplement

Results: Saphira’s “Mom” Darlene Spencer reports that Saphira’s shedding has been reduced by about 80%. She hasn’t had a hairball since she has been taking the supplement.

Follow-up: After 2 years on Dr. Maggie™ Skin Supplement, shedding continues to be minimal, and Saphira has not had any hairballs.

Archie & Judy

“There were clumps of hair that flew off him when he ran. There was dog hair everywhere …  I went through 3 or 4 fan belts on the vacuum cleaner before we got it under control.” – Judy Malkin

test_pic_archieArchie: 10 year old male, Newfoundland- Shepherd cross

Symptoms: Extreme excessive shedding, dull coat, matting, dry skin.
Judy Malkin, Archie’s “Mom” reported, “There were clumps of hair that flew off him when he ran. There was dog hair everywhere… I went through 3 or 4 fan belts on the vacuum cleaner before we got it under control.”

Treatment: A raw diet and Dr. Maggie™ Skin & Coat Supplement.

Results: Shedding has all but stopped. Judy says “We hardly ever see any dog hair on the carpet…His coat is glossy, shiny, smooth… he’s really in good shape.”

Follow-up: Archie has been on his improved diet and Dr. Maggie™ for over 3 years. He has maintained his excellent skin and coat, and minimal shedding.

Kristina & George

george_berenseI am a big fan of Dr. Maggie™, I think your products are amazing. My dog is on your hip and joint supplement and we use the paw protector all winter!

Kristina Hogan re: Berense Mountain Dog, George

Axl & Frank

axl&frank-a“I recommend Dr. Maggie™ Supplements for my agility champion Axl, and all breeds, for healthy skin, beautiful coats and strong joints. All theseAngel Dogs below depend on Dr. Maggie™ Pet Food Supplements

Frank Catania
Head Trainer, Angel Dogs


Lorne & Winston

lorne_winston_1Winston is 20 years old and I have been giving him theES Joint Formula for several years now. Winston underwent major back surgery in 1998, it took five months to get him walking again. He had difficulty even after we got him walking, his back end always seemed somewhat weak, making walking difficult for him.A year or so later he started limping on his right front leg, on r

lorne_winston_2A year or so later he started limping on his right front leg, on recomendation of Heather of Pet Value in Thornhill I started Winston on your Extra Strength Joint Formula, a short time later the limp disappeared and he also appeared to gain some extra strength in his hind legs as well. I am still giving Winston his daily dose of ES Strength Formula, and although he’s 20 years old, Dr Maggies is still helping him.

Pedro & Shawn

pedroTHANK YOU for your product
(Extra Strength Joint Formula).
Pedro’s arthritis was getting really bad and we had come to terms that he’d probably not see Christmas. These are miracle pills. It’s like he reversed his age by 5 years. It’s unbelievable.

It’s never been a challenge giving them to him (thank you chicken flavour!) and he looks forward to his “dessert” after each meal. People who saw him before can’t get over the change in him. I can’t thank you enough for giving him this new lease on life.

More Responses

Dr. Maggie™ Supplement for Skin & CoatJust wanted to say that you have an amazing product. We have only been using it for 2 weeks and our dobermans coat is beautiful!! No more dandruff :)

Kim Martin

Hi Dr. Maggie, I just started feeding your product less than two weeks ago to my two Goldens. In just this short period of time I am already almost shed free and the coats are so shinny and rich looking. I’m noticing a difference in the redness in their ears as well.


The shine in her coat was NOT there three weeks ago. It’s only been since she’s been getting Dr. Maggie’s on her food.

John Wood

Dr. Maggie™ Extra Strength Joint FormulaMy dog that passed years ago was on it for his arthritis and it did wonders for him.


Dr. Maggie™ Skin Care OintmentMy cats have been having some ear problems due to mosquito bites and I have been applying the ointment with great success.