Adventures in the Great Outdoors with Cats & Dogs

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Who doesn’t love to go on adventures with their best friend? Hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, or swimming are great for energetic cats or dogs. They love to go out and see the world. It’s a nice change from the boring old house they see day in and day out. Here is a short guide of essentials before going out and adventuring in the great outdoors.


dog hiking with his mom going on adventures

Fall/Winter Adventures

One of the best times for exploring is the Fall/Winter. There is hiking, snowshoeing, or even Skijoring! Winter exploration requires a bit more preparation than Spring/Summer adventures. Keeping warm is the number one thing you need to worry about when out in the wilderness. If your dog or cat has short fur, invest in a good jacket for them when temperatures reach the negative numbers. Their paws can also take a beating from the cold. Protect them with Paw Protector. Paw Protector creates a barrier to protect paws the same way pet booties work. Bring plenty of water and a snack for your furry friend and yourself while out in the wilderness. Always carry a first aid kit and emergency matches. Things can happen when away from civilization. Be sure to let someone know where you will be hiking and for approximately how long. If you go missing, this greatly increases your chances of being found. Always prepare for worse case scenario. Consider bringing a multi tool, flashlight and a GPS along to help you if something happens. Now you are ready to enjoy your hike, snowshoeing or Skijoring!


cat waiting to get on the canoe and go for adventures

Spring/Summer Adventures

When the sun is out and shining, it’s time to go kayaking, canoeing, camping, swimming and trail running! The best kind of camping is taking your kayak or canoe to your destination. For dogs and cats that aren’t strong swimmers though, it’s a good idea to get a life jacket. You just never know if you’ll both end up in the water! There are special bags that can keep your electronics, clothing, bedding, matches and any other equipment you have dry. It’s important to stay hydrated especially during the Spring/Summer. Take breaks often and allow yourself and your pet to sit in the shade while drinking water. This will decrease the chances of getting heat stroke. Don’t forget to bring that trusty emergency kit! It could save your life or your pet’s!


Now that you have a few tips on how to improve your adventures, go on! Get out there and explore! Adventures make for some amazing memories.


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