Christmas Presents for your Cats and Dogs

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November 24, 2017
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Needing some last minute gift ideas for the furry friends in your life? Christmas is sure coming quickly! Here are our favourite Christmas gifts that your cat and dog will LOVE!

Christmas Gifts for Cats

Cats are very particular about a lot of things in their life. Here are a few gifts that might top the box the gift came in. Maybe.


Cat Nip Bubbles

catnip infused bubbles great christmas gift

Your cat will love these catnip infused bubbles! The great thing is that they are under $2! Perfect for a stocking stuffer. Available at Walmart, Canadian Tire, and on Amazon.


KitNipBox Subscription

kitnipbox subscription for christmas gift idea

Wanting a variety of presents this year? The KitNipBox gets delivered right to your door monthly, bi-monthly or you can order just one! Available at:

Scratching Post

dj scratch post cat

Turn your kitty into a dj with this awesome scratching post. Turn on some tunes and bust a few beats together! Available at: Amazon

ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

scoopfree litter box for a christmas gift

This litter box is amazing. No need to poop scoop again! They have also done an amazing job at marketing. Their website is hilarious!

Available at: PetSmart


Homemade Cat Treats

The best gift is something made! Here is a great recipe from NaturPet called Catnip Crunch. Cheap, easy and your cat will love them. It’s basically just tuna and catnip!


Paw Protector

Winter can be harsh on cat’s feet if they are outdoor cats. Protect their paws with Dr. Maggie Paw Protector.


Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Dogs are pretty easy going when it comes to presents. They will love anything you get them but these gifts will make them jump and cheer!


Doggie Fountain

doggie fountain dog steps on it and it shoots water

This is perfect for the spring and summer time. Most dogs love the water and with this fountain it will give you and your dog hours of entertainment! Available at: Amazon

Bark Box or Bully Make

Monthly subscription dog boxes are all the rage right now. They are a great Christmas gift, Birthday gift or a once a month gift! BarkBox is great for small dogs and big dogs! BullyMake is perfect for those power chewers.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs


Ball goes in, ball shoots out! This is a perfect toy for your pup to play with while you are at work. Hours of entertainment and a great form of exercise! Available at: Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Bowser Beer

Nothing like drinking around the holidays and now your dog can too! This doesn’t contain alcohol so your pup won’t jump on the table with a lamp shade and do the Macarena. It’s a nice meaty treat that even helps joints! Available at:

Homemade Dog Treats

treats vital energy bites for dogs

Homemade goodness. These Vital Energy Bites are perfect little treats for any pup! Recipe available at:

Skin & Coat

Cold weather can dramatically impact a dogs skin and coat. It can become dry and itchy. Skin & Coat can help keep fur looking fabulous for those Christmas photos with Santa! Available at:


The holidays can be tough to find the perfect gift but we know that anything you get your fur babies will be much appreciated! Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year!

She has been with NaturPet since February 2017 and has her Pet First Aid. Using her knowledge of pet health, she has created social media posts and blogs on the subject. Her free time is spent volunteering with Okanagan Small Dog Rescue, having a nice cold beer with her Fiancé and hanging out with her friends and family and her new puppy, Bandito.

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